Axe Commercial

All eyes in the room focused toward the television anticipating the crude humor of an average commercial. Two blond models dressed in formal attire take the stage in front of a giant AXE logo. They sell AXE shower gel through the message “These will clean your balls.” They clean athletic equipment such as golf and soccer balls with the gel to show the reaction clean balls can create.
The commercial takes advantage of men by using sex drive to sell a product. In doing so they claim to reach a new level of class that separates the attractive from the unattractive. Shower gel is derived from feminine products, provoking men to use feminine products to appeal to women. This takes masculinity and bends it backwards from instinct to media. That separation from natural masculinity to sex appeal is what sells the product yet also what creates a bridge between genders. Each gender is focused on becoming attractive by creating a utopia of what the other gender wants. It’s all about what the opposite sex considers perfect. This message of sex is so powerful that it creates attention and sets the standards of gender roles today. Men want to be masculine by women’s standards and women want to be feminine by men’s standards. This takes the attractiveness out of being individual and charismatic and inserts it into fake emotions represented in commercials.

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