Babies Having Babies

In an article, Hollywood's Role In Teen Pregnancy, by Ben Tracy he touches on teenage pregnancy in reference to the movies Juno and even Knocked Up. Tracy talks about how it seems to be no big deal, just “a bump in the road” when the women in the movies get pregnant. When in fact, “Having an unplanned pregnancy is a big deal and it shouldn't be talked about in cavalier manner” (Tracy). Hollywood looks at teenage pregnancy as almost a normalcy and the reactions that these teens in movies get are not unsatisfactory. The families seem to be more excepting and if the teen chooses adoption, its over and their lives go back to how it used to be. Simple as that…not really, Hollywood can easily glamorize this situation and they do.


In another article, Teen Pregnancy, Hollywood Style, by Sarah Kliff she talks about what aspects Hollywood loves to leave out when it comes to the teenage pregnancy plot in television shows and movies. The article goes into the show Secret Life of an American Teenager and how the show rarely talked about the before and after of the main character, Amy’s, pregnancy. Kliff also makes a note that contraceptives and condoms are rarely talked about as well. Kliff ‘s main thesis in the article was, “It's the missing three C's: there's little commitment, no mention of contraception and rarely do we see negative consequences”. This seems to be true in Secret Life of an American Teenager when Amy immediately looses interest in the boy who got her pregnant for her latest love interest. As far as consequences go, Amy acts extremely immature, expecting help from everyone and not realizing that she needs to figure it out on her own. She expects more from other people than herself and barely receives any consequence.

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