Who Says Dads Can't Buy Tampons

Who Says Dads' Can't Buy Tampons?
The morning my mom was arrested, began the cycle of her being in and out of jail over the course of the next two years. I never thought a knock on the front door would change my life was forever. She was gone without a goodbye. I believe in the power of gratitude. Gratitude: the overwhelming feeling of being so grateful and thankful that there is almost no way to express it.
With my parents divorced, going from house to house every two to three days was not the easiest, to put it simply. That morning I was at my mom's in my N'sync t-shirt and pajama shorts, watching her get ready while my little brother Jack played with his trains. There was knock on the door. My stomach dropped when I saw who was standing before me, and a million and one thoughts ran through my head. There stood two policemen I would always remember to be the real thieves who took away my mom. Why were the here? What did my mom not tell me? I would later learn she was no longer the highly reputable Realtor she was after she stole a bag of prescription drugs, putting her on probation and house arrest. She then violated her probation by stealing a grocery cart full of groceries, resulting in a warrant. The police were there to make her pay her dues.
My life became a depressing travel between my house and an occasional jail visit. My dad became the center of my world during that time, and was there beside me in a matter of minutes. His 5'8” frame stood before me, trying to hide his tears behind his wire-framed glasses, while brushing back his buzzed salt and pepper hair. My dad will never know how grateful I am that he was there. Not only was he there physically, but he was there to love without making any judgments. Living without my mom allowed me to appreciate my dad for all that he does, and the kind of person he is. He was the one thing I could rely on, and the one constant I knew would never change. I didn't have to worry about any unexpected knocks on the door, or if I would see him the next day. Not only was it a huge transition for me, but his life drastically changed as well. He went from being a dad, to being a dad and a single mom. He had no help. He was at every sporting event, taking pictures at every dance, and ordering pizzas for girls night. I'm not sure what I would have done, or what I would do without him. He gave me space, let me cry, distracted me when needed, and knew that he could never replace her, but still was the best “mom” he could be. He went from asking me how my day was to, “Do you need any lady products?”. I believe in the power of gratitude, so thank you Daddy, I will be forever grateful.