Embedding Audio


To embed your audio essay into a wiki page, follow these steps:

(1) Make sure your audio essay has an appropriate file name: all one word, no spaces, and ends in .mp3

(2) Go to your wiki page and click on the Files tab in the lower right corner of the page. (If you have the editing window open for the page, you won't see the Files tab. Click Save to close the editing window and then you'll see the Files tab.)


(3) A section will appear at the bottom of the page that has the link: Upload a file from your computer. Click on that link.


(4) Another section will appear below that has a button that says Select Files. Click on that button and select the file from your computer. You may select several files, if needed.


(5) When you're finished selecting files, click the Upload Files button. Then click the link to Refresh Files List. You should see your audio file appear under the list of files attached to the page.


(6) Now you need to get the URL of your audio file. To do that, right-click (or control-click) on the mp3 file name and copy its URL. (Your web browser's drop-down menu items may look different from those below, but you should have an option that allows you to copy the link location.)


(7) Click on the Edit tab to edit your wiki page.


(8) Click inside the editing window in the spot where you want to insert your mp3 file. Type this text:

[[include :snippets:mp3

What this text does is enable an audio player on your page, so that users can click a play button to listen to the file without leaving your page.

(Note: The key to type the vertical bar before the word URL is the top option on the key immediately below the Delete or Backspace key on most keyboards. This is the vertical bar: |)

(9) Paste your mp3 file's URL immediately after the equals sign. The end result should look something like this, although it will contain your page's name instead of embed-audio and your audio essay's file name instead of snoring.mp3:


(10) Save the wiki page and test out your new audio file.


Below is an example of how the player works, using the sample mp3 file shown above (of some random guy snoring — I found it on the web):

Flash Player is no longer supported! Use https://snippets.wikidot.com/code:html5player instead.