Full House

The article "I want to be just like Mary-Kate and Ashley" by Mary Napoli, discussed
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen from their first TV series Full House. These twins
switched off playing the role of Michelle Tanner, the youngest of three girls with
a single father. Their father has to also take the role of being mother. Two other
grown men help him along the way, raising the three girls. Ironically, three men
are equivalent to a mother and a father in this sitcom. Together all three men
make up the different qualities that a nurturing mother and father have. First the
main father has the traits of a compulsive cleaner and gentle father figure. His best
friend portrays the humorous, lovable, joking role model, and his brother-in-law’s
character depicts the rougher, party-crazy, yet more lenient figure. This show
represents the non-traditional families in American society because of the lack of
an actual woman being a mother to the girls. The humor that comes from this show
is hidden behind the screw ups and situations the characters have to deal with. Most
of the mess-ups happen because the men do not know how to handle three girls,
because they all view each situation from a man’s perspective rather than a woman’s.

This video shows an example from an episode of Full House of Danny, the father and
his youngest daughter Michelle.

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