Harmful Effects


If these exploitations are really so ‘harmless’ as both sides claim, let’s take a look at the consequences of the most vulnerable subjects. It’s already been highly documented that numerous victims of child sexual abuse, suffer a lack of self-esteem and depression that carries well into the adult years (Mullens Anderson Romans Herbison 19). These children have been undeniably traumatized. Young people who already harbor insecurities, are bombarded with magazine articles and advertisement on how to look better, be sexier, be thinner, attract members of the opposite sex more. When the promised fantasies of all the ads don’t come true, some kids can resort to becoming depressed, abuse substances, and resort to the sexual behavior as an outlet as portrayed in some of the ads (Timms Connors 20).

Candies. Photograph. Kohl's Illinois, Inc.

Anxiety disorders and the idea of suicide are also lasting effects from sexual trauma (Timms Connors 20). Insecurity and low self-esteem resulting from media body image bombardment have been shown to substantially contribute to anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, which are both life-threatening illnesses (Hamilton &Waller, 1993).