Mike L This I Beleive

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I’ll never forget the night when I got the ball; it never occurred to me that the smallest object could sometimes have the largest impact on one’s life. I believe that in life you need to control how much you enjoy yourself, if you don’t buckle down and focus on your aspirations you may slowly drift away from all your goals.

Two days before my departure for Colorado I went with my friends to see a STS9 concert in New York City. After waiting in the will call line for twenty minutes we started to grow very impatient. As our patience started to fade a girl suddenly approached us; She was very mysterious and was wearing these crazy red and yellow glow stick glasses. She handed us a ball and said, “Here enjoy” then quickly disappeared. This ball was clear with transparent liquid inside of it that caused there to be bubbles at the top. Inside of the liquid there were hundreds of colorful dip 'n dot like balls. The little balls were pink, yellow, and green, purple, blue, and orange, they would usually sit on the bottom while a few stragglers were floating on top. When I shook it, it turned into this slow fluid celebration. All the colorful balls that were on the bottom floated, spun and danced, in a graceful yet unpredictable motion. Once the celebration ended they quietly settled back down to the bottom. While this happened others lingered in the middle as if they were in a gel like liquid, some sank back down while some glided back to the top and held on to the bubbles awaiting the next celebration. To me the ball represented the world; everybody wants to have a good time, however most people know they can’t do this all the time. Therefore they sink back to the bottom, but others enjoy it so much they can’t let go and they hold on to the top as long as they can.

As crazy as this seems, I think that the ball we got from the mysterious girl was one of the best objects to receive as a gift before college. Going into freshman year of college can be a tough transition. You’re on your own and have to make most of your decisions on your own, nobody is around to babysit you and watch what your doing. I’m still unsure of my major, but I know that I have certain goals that I want to achieve out of my college experience. I want to be able to succeed in academics while still having time to enjoy myself and have the best four years of my life. Obtaining the ball right before going away to college keeps the ideology of the ball fresh in my head. Knowing this I feel that I will be able to maintain my balance between fun and work, while staying on track with all my goals. It’s out of this world how all this can come from such a small item.