Flow Connects Life

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It’s like breathing while sleeping. Flow is the force of nature that allows us to function with grace and consistency. We accept this force without consciously knowing it. It’s what I believe. This state of mind can be released when we’re in the moment and aligning our senses to complete a task. Skiing captures the essence of this force as it acts as the catalyst of the ride. With flow there is no plan; every reaction is natural. I believe flow is a euphoric connection between reality and a greater form of life.

After what felt like a mile long trek up the side of Alta, I threw down my skis and walked to the edge of the main chute to see what I was up against. Looking down, all I see is a steep sheet of untouched powder nestled between two gnarly faces of rock. Originally from the east, this pushes my vertical limits filling my stomach with butterflies. Leaning over the edge and committing took all the balls I could muster as gravity pulled me down the mountain. Accelerating with every second, I lean back and carve out one arching turn after another as snow flies over my shoulders. The smooth and consistent rhythm of my turns fills me with a euphoric feeling as I cruise down the chute. The tips of my skis breeching the snow are the only things visible as my adrenaline keeps me with the ride. I am the drop of water melting a line down the mountain, adapting to the terrain and staying between the rocks I surf the chute. The natural patterns I create are the catalyst to the connection with the mountain. The trail I leave represents the patterns and vibes of the mountain. As I near the bottom and slide to a stop all I can seem to feel is the ecstasy of a snow-covered smile.

A pair of skies and an empty mountainside provides me with the tools to take life to another level. By fallowing patterns and naturally flowing with the terrain I was able to mesh with the mountain. Combining the physical and spiritual levels of my ride altered my perception on life. Life sends signals at the simplest form to communicate. I believe flow between the mountain and me created a bond bringing out this simple connection in all things.