David K


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I believe in the possibilities of evolution. In particular, the possibilities of genetic evolution. Genetic evolution for me is not only just a theory that explains why we exist, but also a force that creates and molds the way every living thing on this earth has ever reacted to anything. From the first single celled organisms to complex humans, everything we do can be attributed to genetic evolution.

I remember when I first became interested in Genetic evolution. I had just found out that my family was at a very high risk for cancer. I was in the 4th grade, and had realized that a lot of people in my family were getting cancer. My mother had had breast cancer, both my grandfathers died from it, and one of my grandmothers had a brain tumor. I kept asking my parents, “why?” “Why is are family more prone to cancer than others?” There response was always, “that’s just the way it is David.” They told me that even though we are at risk for cancer, the Krieger’s have strong hearts. I wondered why we couldn’t just have both.

I got to middle school and started learning about genetics. I learned that in theory, it is possible be able to have a low genetic risk for cancer AND have a strong heart by just replacing a few sections of someone’s DNA. This genetic capably can, not only work for Cancer but many different disorders and health issues. The possibilities are endless. Imagine a world where even before someone is born we know that they will never get any mental or physical disorders that are caused in part by your genetic makeup. For me, this is not only just an area of interest but an obsession. Now I’m not naive, I realize that people might have moral issues with this. I also know that if we implemented this on a mass scale the world would be horrendously overcrowded. That’s not the point of my This I Believe essay. The point is to show that we COULD, if we wanted to, eradicate genetic disease and save millions, if not billions of lives. If and when the world decides to implement new genetic altering therapies, it would make it so my kids or grandkids don’t have to ask or contemplate the same questions I did. They would not have to wonder like me, why they are at higher risk for cancer than there friends.

I believe that one day soon, my family will not be at a high risk for cancer. In fact, I believe one day soon the entire world could be, not only at a low risk for genetically caused cancer, but a low risk for every genetic disease. I believe we could become the first animals on this planet to choose how we want to evolve. One day very soon, genetic altering in humans will not just be an idea but a reality. With this we could make genetic disease and disorders a thing of the past.