The Power of the Ocean

The Power of the Ocean


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The ocean is the only thing that has possessed the power to make me experience true love and true fear. I believe that the ocean is an energy force that can either reward or punish you. Specifically, I believe that the ocean’s decision depends on whether you respect it, this idea might sound crazy, but I believe that the ocean shows people discipline. If you do not show appreciation for the ocean’s significance it will express its rage towards you.

When I embrace the ocean, I picture the vibrant turquoise ripples and the sea foam being washed up and down the golden sand. When I fear the ocean, I see a dark place deep below the surface, where I am not in control. Despite how dangerous it can be, the ocean benefits us all whether we are surfers or not. Its impact on the world is so great, that is why I don’t take it for granted. From a surfer’s stand point, it is easy to analyze the ocean’s greatness, but from a non-surfer’s perspective is can be difficult. One way of accepting my belief is by thinking of what the ocean does for us. Not only does it feed the world, it contains more than half of the ecosystems on the planet. When the ocean is not appreciated it contains the power to kill people and even destroy communities.

Personally, I have had both the best days of my life surfing and some of the worst. I have never experienced a beating like the ocean has shown me. I still vividly remember the best wave I have ever ridden, and remember the day I thought I was going to drown. The first thing I remember seeing was a colossal wave peaking on the horizon. I started paddling as fast as I could, but it wasn’t fast enough. The wave broke on my head splitting my forehead open. The power of the wave drove me down to the seafloor where I hit several rocks. The combination of salt water burning my gash, my lungs begging for air, and the wave’s strength holding me under was the first time truly experienced the ocean’s power. Despite how dangerous the ocean can be, I still find myself thinking about it everyday. The ocean’s power is something that I respect. It will always bring me joy and show me discipline, and this I believe.

Christian St. Clair