The Way News Stories Are Written

Sure, news can be interesting, but most of its appeal comes from the subject and how it is presented. News evokes emotions about the world surrounding us, and can lead to generalizations about the way society is functioning. Often times these generalizations stem from the news that is available to us, which has a motive of making money, not of presenting the truth in an unbiased manner. Manipulating gender truths in news stories and interesting news like articles changes the way we think about the story, and can magnify social problems in gender deconstruction.

Get the Facts about gender biases in news stories

Look Beyond the Newspaper for the source of stereotyping

Make The Case for Magnification of present biases being blown up by common news stories.


Positive news: Some news companies add "softer" articles to appeal to a wider audience.

By: John Heule. Writing 1150-710

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