What About Women?

Gender stereotyping in food commercials is not limited to children. In a study performed by researchers at University College in London, Western commercials were compared to Chinese commercials. In America, the majority of the time women were presented as usually a mother or a wife, and would give an opinion of the product being advertised, not a “scientific argument (Furnham et al. 1). These women are also depicted as emotional eaters and concerned about their personal image (Furnham et al. 1). The results of this study showed that gender stereotyping is more prevalent in Chinese commercials, the main reason being gender stereotyping is much more prevalent in Chinese culture (Furnham et al. 1). Women in general seem to receive the brunt of the stereotyping in food advertising. I think that this is because women are usually seen as the ones who go out and get groceries or the ones who are responsible with feeding the family. I think with the slow degradation of the traditional family structure in America, the trends in our food advertising could change. Our society is becoming more equal between the sexes, but part of the reason why the stereotypes that keep us from progression exist is because they have always found their home in food adverting.

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